Attention BIGO I'm Under Attack I've Been Hacked They've Hacked My Mother's Name They've Hacked And Sent Messages To The Messenger And I Think Everybody Knows All Of This Is That Ammorath Girl Who Got Her Lost Fight In Some Kind Of Facebook Fight. Well Anyways I'm Going To Call Her It An Accusation Because I'm Going To Go Through The Legal Process I Just Want You To Know If You Feel Like You See Anything That's Degrading Me Or Talking About Me In The Negative Way Please Inform Me I Already Have A Few Hundred People Who Just Follow Me Overnight To Support Me Because I Did Throughout Messages That I'm Being Hacked By Her So I Would Appreciate Any Screenshots Any News Anything Please Send My Way I'm On Twitter Under Always The Background My Name Is Alex Gomez I'm On Instagram And They're Always A Bad Guy So I Have Plenty Of Evidence Already But I Want 2 Continue 2 Collect Because Once The Lawyer Finds Out How Much This Girl Has As Far As Finances He's Going 2 He's Going 2💜It.Ty🤗
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