🤟❤️ diamond available 💎🙏👌❤

love you to 💖 Maya ❤️❤️ Trust is like a mirror,😊 once it's broken💔 It's Never the same..🙄😎 एउटा समय थियो सबै कुरा लुटाएर पनि तिमीलाई पाउन चाहन्थे,,, अब अर्को समय छ तिमीलाई सेतैमा पाए पनि मन्जुर हुने छैनौ।। Don't compare one girl With another girl Every girl is beautiful In their own way...🤘🙈😊 Sometimes All you need 💘is someone who can make you smile!😂 My personality is who I'm and😍😊 My attitude depends on who you are✌️😂 Don't think to mUch 😊😊 JuSt do what maKes You happy 😂😂 My attutide will always be Based on how You treat me😃 Forget the haters...😎 coZ....somebody loves you😍💓 Worry less Smile😊more😊😊 don't regret Just learn & grow✌✌✌ Belive in your Dreams 😊😊😊 They were Given to you for A reason ✌✌✌ नराखे हुन्छ मेरो फोटो दिलको फिरिममा मागी बिहे गरिन्छ परिन् पिरिममा 😎😎😎😎 "crying"😂 is not my "Hobby",😚 it is the last😍"Gift " of My "Love".💔👈

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