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afar people or afar community history If the Afar people or the Afar community are a people in the Horn of Africa in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. The Afar population is estimated to reach 3 million in Ethiopia And when I was around 500,000 in Djibouti In Eritrea, it is estimated to be 45% of the population #Afar has its own language and culture and lifestyle Afar, = The language of communication is Afar It is classified by Kushitku They write in Latin In terms of landscaping, it has some of the lowest and most touristy places in the world, such as Daloli Eritale. You are in the Rift Valley The Afars are a nation with a long history and are the ancient homeland of mankind And an area of ​​2.6 ---- 4.5 million human fossils, such as Lucy Keda-Aba Aridi. It is not enough to write a little bit about the country of Afar and Afars Gold Potash Mineral Salt is a country where I find other natural resources ፈለገው He wants to come and see it open from the business 👍😂? 👉👉 Thank you

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